Haiti Earthquake Support

A good overview of constructive activities in the internet at

"La Plaza - News from Latin America and the Caribbean from L.A. Times correspondents":
Haiti: Search for missing loved ones leads friends and relatives online

Most important:
ICRC - Open database for people seeking to restore contact with family members after the earthquake in Haiti
including link to service: locate your relatives

preliminary remark: I do have no above-average overview about helping organizations. So please look  in your own responsibility.
The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
in German:
betterplace.org in German
Aktion Deutschland Hilft

The sense of this webpage  http://www.skip4.net/haiti/ is very simple. It shall be nothing more than a hyperlink-page with an easy to remember name.
If you know any helpful website or other information in relation to the Haiti-eathquake please feel free to send an email.

The domain skip4.net was booked in relation work experience to tsunami South East Asia december 2004, to have a fast and easy jump base in case of catastrophes. If somebody else wants to manage a website under this idea and in the interest of the victims of Haiti earth quake 2010, it is possible to redirect the complete web-adress http://www.skip4.net/haiti/ to his or her webspace. It is conceivable, too, that somebody else can produce a segment-page which maybe could be published on his, her or my webspace. So feel free to ask me.

Elmar Kirchhoff, Germany
Created on ... Januar 15, 2010